Edge Advisors created the ABChannels to allow traders and active investors to quickly recognize cyclestrendsmarket turning points and trading suggestions.

The ABChannels are constructed around three pillars of investment : technical analysismarket behavior and quantitative analysis.

The ABChannels are dynamic as they include a forecast dimension, based on market behavior, by opposition to the existing "channel" tools which only rely on past price data.

The ABChannels are your partner to success if you are a serious trader or active investor.
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Get an edge on financial markets

In order to use the ABChannels, you should be using one of the following charting applications:
NinjaTrader / Kinetick
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Due to the growing number of traders using the ABChannels, we don't sell any licences to individuals any more. However, we continue to provide consulting services to institutional investors. Please contact us if you are interested to know more on our services